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Traveller Safety

Even in this age of technology, there is nothing better than having a real person with local knowledge beside you while travelling in London. Someone who is there to help you at any time, with any questions you have. London Orient will provide you with the added safety and confidence for you to explore London in the way that you would like.




This includes:


We will help make you aware of the range of local emergency services (from minor accidents to major incidents that may require anything from a NHS walk-in Centre to hospital Accident and Emergency admission).

London Metropolitan Police
British National Health Service

We will provide you with local medical, dental and payment information.

We will provide you with consulate information from contact details, opening times and directions.

Map of the M25, Greater London
London Oyster Pre-Payment Travel Card

We will provide you with efficient public travel and ticketing information including maps, timetables, payment options and availability of public toilets. We also offer a prepayment oyster travel service saving you time and administration costs.

We will become your immediate ICE person; that is, being the person to be contacted in London "In Case of an Emergency", a recognised British emergency services and medical contact telephone number. We can then make any further arrangements as necessary and act as an intermediary on behalf of the client to contact family at home. Please note: London Orient will not hold any legal responsibility on behalf of the client. We act only to inform relevant parties of agreed details.

We will provide you with information regarding local banking, ATM (automated cash machine) availability, currency exchange outlets and other monetary customs unique to London.

British Currency

We provide a chaperoning service. Ultimately, London Orient would like to make your stay in London as safe and as informed as possible. Our representatives are highly knowledgeable and take a great interest in having stimulating conversation.

This element is fully included in the complete weekly (20 hour) or monthly (80 hour) London Orientation packages and is partially included within a premium tour guiding day or night package. Click here for further pricing details.

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