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Etiquette and English Language Education

We at London Orient understand the art of conversation and highly value educational expression. We aim to offer you interesting and challenging conversation to help you better understand the English language and etiquette. Supported excursions can be included to aid in practical understanding.



How we can help you:







We will practise all manner of conversations in English in a fun yet appropriate manner.

Drury Lane, London

We will help you monitor, adapt and understand the use of English colloquialisms and informal language. 

English Language
British Library, London

We will help further study any topics of interest that you may have.

We will help you become comfortable within everyday scenarios.

London Black Cab
Love the English Langauge

We will help you become confident in verbal and physical etiquette and mannerisms.

We will help facilitate strong bonds for any future associations and assistance where having strong English may be beneficial.

English as a World Langauge

The English Language and Etiquette package is a complete 4 hour package to be used within a 24 hour period. Elements of this package are incorporated within all other London Orient packages to a small degree. Click here for pricing details.

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