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Standard & Personalized Tour Guiding

We love London and London Orient would love to be able to show you around. We love to explore every nook and cranny to discover London's cultural treasures. We want to find out about London's hidden history, her fabulous fashions and her cultural links to the world. And we would love it if you would accept our invitation to enjoy our adventures with London Orient.

  • Both London Orient's Standard and Premium Tours offer the best in enthusiastic and experienced tour guides who can adapt a tour specifically for children, buggies and those with special mobility needs.

  • London Orient's tour guides are easily identifiable on either tour package.

  • All tours and tour guides offer great photographic opportunities and can help you find and take the perfect shot with selfie-sticks available for loan. (Click here to go to FAQ for an explanation on how our selfie-sticks work because you might need to download supporting packages for free from the Play store.)

  • All tour guides are equipped with pictorial aids to add extra flavour to the guided walk with personal interpretations of events.

  • All London Orient tours include popular attractions, modern and historic facts, celebrity connections and fascinating stories and legends.

  • All London Orient guides carry extra tube maps and on the job experience of where ATM's, toilets and travel connections are in case of emergencies.

  • London Orient's guides have all undergone basic first aid and paediatric awareness training to ensure your safety.

  • There are no minimum booking requirements.

  • London Orient offer large group discounts (available upon request - please click here to contact us through our contacts page).

  • Families are welcome because children 15 and under go FREE!

  • There are at the very least half price discounts for senior citizens with special £1 days when available.

  • London Orient welcomes people with disabilitys and their carers with half price tours and carers going free. (Please note, that certain questions will need to be asked to ascertain suitability to make modifcations to the tour.)

  • There are two ways to book a London Orient standard tour. You can prebook through our purchase page for the date and time to suit you and your group. This tour will be exclusive to your booking party. Or, you can turn up at the start point at a set time for a further discount and join in the tour with everyone else.   

The difference between  London Orient's Standard and Premium Tours are:


  • The standard tour through London comprises of a preset and inflexible route compared with taking a premium booking where every aspect of your tour has been personalised with flexible start times and the opportunity to break your booking into seperate segments.

  • The minimum time a standard walk will take is 40 minutes. On average, the walk will take around one hour compared to a premium booking where your tour guide is booked for five hours. Guide booking permitting, a premium booking can be seperated into parts to make the most of orientating you to London. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

  • The standard tour does not use any public transport and is a walking tour only compared to the premium tour where all manner of transport options can be included within the package.

  • The premium tour package includes the helpful porter-like service for companionable shopping where the standard tour does not.

  • The standard tour does not offer any further details beyond the information given within the tour compared to the premium service where London Orient will try to go beyond expectations with added helpful travel hints around London, including advice on safety and other information services.


All tours can be personalized exactly to your expectations and can include a wide range of refreshment stops, attractions, historical sites, background stories (from romance to mystery, horror to adventure) and retailing experiences. We can send you a detailed survey of possible experiences or you can just email us about a vague layout and we will cobble together a truly unique adventure. The bonus? Whatever option you choose, it comes at no extra cost.

Monument Street, London
Tower of London

All London Orient walking tours are presented by a passionate and knowledgable guide. Although not quite as distinctive as a Beefeater (who only work the Tower of London), we do offer individual and recognisable guides for your touring security with photos of your representive available upon request before tour commencement.

We use London's public transport in a variety of ways to give you the most exciting views of London. This includes use of the Tube (London Underground), London Overground, Docklands Light Railway, Emirates Air Line (cable cars across the Thames), Canal Barge, Thames Clippers, London Buses and other national train services. Depending on your touring package, most travel expenditure will be included in your total touring price. Why pay more?

Millenium Dome & Emirate Air Line, London
London Photography

We will be on hand to help you get all the photos that you want to be in without having to rely on selfies (as awesome as they are). This means that you and your group can have some fantastic stylised shots taken. Also, all our representitives carry selfie sticks for loan at no extra cost.

We will be your spare pair of hands to help with souvenir shopping and other retail therapy. We can offer you extra help with children and buggies or those with special mobility needs.

Harrods, London
Westminster & Big Ben, London

We will give you the confidence to go to different areas of London or to help with evening and night travel where safety may be a concern. A premium tour can be broken into segments (guide bookings permitting) to help orient you to London. Please note that when a day booking is separated, then the booking is valid until 6pm. Night bookings can also be separated but can only be validated after 6pm and until 2am.

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