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London Orientation Services

Whether you are travelling to London for the first time or you have struggled through to the London Underground before, the last thing you want to do after a long haul flight is to deal with the confusion of a new country and its monetary, public transport and etiquette system. We want to help you achieve complete peace of mind when travelling to and through London.




London Orient will provide you with the safety and confidence to get to know London more efficiently.


This includes:


Our representative will meet you at your airport of arrival. We will aim to arrive at least one hour ahead of your scheduled arrival time to ensure that there are no delays or disruptions.

London personalized tour guide chaperone

We will offer you extra help with luggage or other bulky items throughout your travel to your end destination.

London's Dockland Light Railway
London personalized tour guide chaperone

We will talk you through local etiquette and customs while travelling with you to your end destination.

We offer you the chance to ask all the questions for all the other little things you may want to know about to make your stay in London more comfortable.


London personalized tour guide chaperone
London Orient Welcome Pack

We offer a welcome pack which includes safety, travel and other practical information along with attraction pamphlets to help make your stay in London as fulfilling as possible.

This element is fully included in the complete weekly (20 hour) or monthly (80 hour) London Orientation package. Click here for further pricing details.

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