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Frequently Asked Questions



Here we explain in more detail what you can expect from London Orient and the services that we provide along with our terms and conditions.



How do I benefit by using London Orient's orientation services?


Personal Contact. We will always try to have a London Orient representitive available to you at all times. This means that you get the reliability that you need but wont always get in trusting technology for your information. Our batteries don't go flat, we don't have roaming charges, we don't have unreliable connections and there is no time difference to suffer. The information you want is delivered from a highly knowledgable local person who actually wants to help you make the most of your London experience.


Why should I choose London Orient?


London Orient is the ONLY service that offers all of our elements together, Orientation, Safety, Chaperoning, English Ettiquette and Personalized Tour Guiding. For example, you will not find a London walking tour guide offering you advice outside of their own standard, unpersonalized service. Nor will you find a chaperoning service offering English Langauge and Ettiqutte guidance. We tailor make every aspect of the service you require so you recieve a high quality bespoke service just the way you want it.



Why do I have to pay a non-refundable deposit?


When London Orient accepts your booking, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. This is for the partial payment for the preliminary work undertaken by London Orient to compose your booking and must be paid immediately upon request.


This deposit may be refundable under expectional circumstances at London Orient's discretion and good faith.


When does full payment need to be made for my London Orient package?


Full payment can be made at any time between payment of the deposit and your confirmed booking time for any London Orient package.




How can I make my payment to London Orient?


London Orient accepts Paypal payments. We can also accept offline payments for financial safety concerns. This means payments are made between the buyers bank account and London Orient's recieving account. Any fees incurred by this banking mechanism are to be paid by the accounts owner.




What happens if I want to cancel my booking with London Orient?


You can cancel your package booking at any time although you may incurr minimal cancellation fees.

A fee of £50 is incurred when the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours before your scheduled booking time.

A fee of £150 is incurred when the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours before your scheduled booking time.

If there are exceptional circumstances (for example, death, illness or accident), London Orient will consider a full refund in good faith. Please contact us with any concerns you may have, we are here to help maintain a smooth transaction.

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled and my booking includes an airport pick up?


Cancelled flight: London Orient check incoming flight details two (2) hours in advance of your estimated arrival time. If you have not been able to inform us of the cancellation, London Orient will have double checked your flight details. We will attempt tocontact you a couple of hours after landing to confirm whether you will wish to rebook your package times or to cancel your booking with a full refund as this is an exceptional situation and out of your presonal control.


Delayed flight: London Orient check incoming flight details two (2) hours in advance of your estimated arrival time. We understand that you will be uncontactable due to flight and mobile restrictions and that this can cause great distress. London Orient will endeavor to maintain our booking commitments by keeping our representitive up to date with your flight developments and still attempt meet you at the new estimated arrival time where possible. We will always attempt to contact you to confirm whether you wish to re-schedule your package times or to cancel your booking with a full refund  as this is an exceptional situation andout of your personal control.





Why doesn't my phone work with London Orient's selfie stick?

Please take note: iOS 5 and Android 4.3 users may have issues using this stick. But we have a quick fix! Download Camera360 Ultimate from the Play store for free to make your phone compatible.


Issue:  Android devices may use the trigger button on a generic self stick as a zoom rather than taking a picture.


The Reason: Both iOS (since iOS 5.0) and Android (since Android 4.3) have had a stock camera function wherein the up-volume button serves as a physical shutter button on the camera. When you hold the phone in landscape mode the volume button ends up on the top right corner of the device and it’s a pretty close approximation of the camera button on a slender point and shoot camera.


It was only natural for selfie stick makers to capitalize on this whole volume-up-as-shutter mechanic to make a simple, reliable, and low-power trigger for their selfie sticks by simply running a headphone cable through the stick so each button press on the stick handle communicated a volume-up signal through the wire to the phone.


It falls apart when mobile providers change the versions of Android they deploy and break the functionality. A stock Samsung Galaxy S-variant (like the S3, S4, etc.) should have the feature in the camera settings to toggle the volume key as a camera trigger but many of the providers ship custom updates where this feature (and lots of other features that should be stock with the next Android update) are missing or changed. Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 units, despite updating to 4.3, are missing this function.


Quick Fix:  Take a moment to look in the settings of your device first and double check that you need a new app. It’s possible that you simply need to toggle on a setting and you’ll be ready to use your selfie stick. Open up the camera application, tap on the gear/settings icon and look through the settings menu for anything that references a trigger or volume key. If your Android phone has the setting in question it should be found under setting like “Volume Key – Take Pictures” or “Volume Keys” where you can tap and select an option (such as trigger, zoom, or flash).


If you do not have the required settings on your phone then download Camera360 Ultimate from the Play store. By default Camera360 Ultimate enables the volume-as-trigger function but if you need to adjust it (or the default changes at some point in the future) you can find it easily by launching the application, tapping on the settings icon (the little gear in the lower right corner) then click on “Advanced Settings.

From there you can access the Camera options; click on “More” and then select “Volume key function.” Capture360 Ultimate supports returning the function of the volume key to actual volume adjustment, zooming, and most important for our purpose (and to get your selfie stick working) capturing a picture.


What can I do if I am not happy with the service London Orient provide?


If, at any point during your booking, you become unhappy with our service, please let our London Orient representive know. It is your representive's duty to try and rectify any cause for complaint. Your representive will be happy to oblige if it is within their power to do so.


If you have a serious complaint relating to your experience or your representive please contact London Orient immediately. Please email:


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