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We know how exciting a new country can be for all its sight-seeing opportunities. But it can become intimidating with large crowds, language barriers, monetary and travel confusion. London Orient provides a chaperoning service where one of our representatives are available to you to escort you as a companion to the many attractions London has to offer.



We can provide you with:



A representative can pick you up from and major London airport and ensure a safe journey to your end destination or we can accompany you from any event within London at any time of day (or night).

Heathrow Airport, London
The Savoy Hotel, London

We provide friendly on location support whether it be for tourist attractions or for more serious matters like dealing with hotels, estate agents, banks etc.

Our representatives are extremely knowledgeable and offer interesting conversation throughout an event that our representative accompanies you on.

London Black Cab Travel
In Case of Emergency

We offer the use of the ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact telephone number at any time of day (or night).

The chaperoning service is fully included within the weekly (20 hours) and monthly (80 hours) London Orientation packages and partially included within the premium day or night tour guiding package. Click here for further pricing details.

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